We live in a world of distractions

The Nirvanic runestone.
It is said that any mortal being that comes close enough to touch it is immortalized and liberated from earthly nonsense.

We Live in a World of Distractions

The need to reclaim our minds from the socio-cultural machine is more urgent than ever before. If you’re not conscious and careful, the programming of society and culture will turn you into a slave of its own agenda.

With the advent of digital technology accompanied with our unique human capacity to overthink, we’re distracted at every turn and unfulfilled at every stop. Our attention is carried away by almost every impression, leaving little room for our own individual sense of freedom.

The controlling influence that the socio-cultural machine has over you can be overcome, because if its not, it will continue to govern and regulate how you live your life, how you think, how you feel, how you act, what you say and what you do.

Now.. this is not freedom.. this is not truth and this is not a life fully lived.

If you’re one that wants to be free from the churning machine of modern society, that is psychologically, mentally and spiritually free, then this course and the books included, is for you. Though your freedom cannot be guaranteed, as there are no guarantees in life, an expanded awareness of the consciousness which constitutes who you are, and what makes you function the way you do and why, can be guaranteed.

This is why Liberated was created and this is why you are here!

Welcome to Nirvanic!

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