A noise of three kinds

A Noise of Three Kinds

So what exactly is this socio-cultural machine and these distractions that I'm so passionately condemning? Essentially they all boil down to noise, a noise of three kinds:

  • The first noise being the actual concrete noise of today's buzzing machinery of a society, the cars, the buildings, gadgets, technology, engines and what have you. This noise is quite palpable for our senses and can sometimes fill us to the brim because of the hustle and bustle and this in turn can drive some of us into a deep existential despair.
  • The second noise is the prevalent addiction to thinking and thoughts. Which simply means that one is heavily identified with the thinking process that occurs in the brain, which consequently leads to the result that ones projections about life become innumerable and quite frankly unbearable, at least this was the case for me at a certain point in my life.
  • Lastly, the third noise is the ever-fluctuating cultural ideologies, which all modern societies more or less are impregnated and operate under. It is some sort of a cultural operative system if you will, an operative system that shapes the individuals into gross masses and more often than not, turn us into blind worker bees and zombies, instead of free, independent spiritually healthy individuals.

Now, all these three mentioned noises can and is incredibly distracting for the human mind. Our original sense of presence and our subjective experience of life is somehow overlooked as a result of being surrounded and hypnotized by this noise.

Furthermore I maintain that these distractions bring us out of our direct contact with the immediacy of experience and thus are the mechanisms that are responsible for what I call “indirect experience”. This indirect form of living and navigating through life is quite limited in scope and meager in existential wisdom.

Luckily there is a path to freedom from these distractions and this noise, and you are on it.

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